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Our company Nemet Graphics founded in 2010 by a group of motivated professionals each of whom carries a wealthy skill set in their respective fields. In current times when large design firms have proven to be ineffective, Nemet Graphics has decided to pursue a slimmer business model cutting out red tape and employing a skilled group of individuals to complete the necessary tasks. We specialize in corporate design graphics and print media, specifically in creation of corporate branding through logotypes, various corporate graphics i.e. trademarks etc., we are ready to fulfill your order from a simple postcard to a range of complex publishing tasks. Despite our firms short lifespan, our clients include national museums, international trade shows, galleries, artists and leaders in their individual fields as well as a number of hi-tech star-up firms. Coupled with our extensive list of vendors in the area of site design and printing we can offer to you a hassle free process from design - to actual print, all in one time frame and under the same task, cutting out unnecessary steps otherwise needed to complete the task. We encourage you to browse through our site and we hope to service your needs in the near future.

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