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Logo design from scratch, with three initial variations to choose from. After choosing one preferred Logo, Nemet Graphics will finalize the design process by making additional changes to the chosen Logo to fit client's needs.


Business Card design from scratch adhering
to the stylistic design of the Logo to complement
overall corporate look.

*If you already have a logo and would like us to simply design a Business Card to complement it, we kindly ask you to send us the vector file of your logo. Scanned versions of your logo are cumbersome to reproduce and thus wil be viewed same as ordering a LOGO design from scratch.


Custom letter head design
to complement Logo and
overall corporate look.


Custom envelope design
to complement Logo and overall
corporate look.
* Ideally Letter Heads and Envelopes should be ordered
in conjunction with Logos. However, they can also
be ordered a-la-carte on an need be basis.
Full range of Company Stationary Designs;
Folders/Order Forms/Invoices and etc.,
Custom design of all necessary stationary to
complement the overall company look.



Composite of Logo (variations) Color swatches,
Letter Heads, Business Card variations,
various Corporate graphics, custom fonts.
This is the essential tool to streamline a corporate look.
It is essentially a database of corporate graphics.
It is a guide of what to use and what not to use
when making prints with your company graphics.


Nemet Graphics is ready to take on any of you
photography needs. Our staff includes a professional
photographer capable to fulfil a multitude of photographic
necessities from a small scale product shoot,
to a large scale studio shoot.


Individually designed and laid out
to fully complement the overall
company's corporate look.


Custom banner
and poster design
to suit various needs.


Custom design of books (with minimal amounts of illustrations) and Newspapers.


Custom design of photography
books or books with heavy
use of illustrations.

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